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President & CEO

Sherri Blum, Inventor of The Kayak Jack

Sherri Blum, Inventor and Chief Everything Officer of Kayak Jack LLC. Mother of two amazing sons, Luke Blum age 28 and Ethan Blum age 23, Sherri is also a small business owner living in Central PA. You'll often see her with her German Shepherd sidekick, Willow.

The Kayak Jack® lift is a single-user boat lift for loading your kayak onto a roof rack. Kayaks are heavy and cumbersome when trying to lift and load them alone. The Kayak Jack® lift allows you to adventure independently with ease! Save your back with Kayak Jack®!

Invention of The Kayak Jack® Lift

A 54 year old single mother, I love the outdoors. Kayaking is one of my favorite sporting adventures, but even in my 30's and 40's I had difficulty lifting a 50+ pound kayak over my head to load it onto my roof rack. Kayaks are heavy, cumbersome and are made to "right" themselves, often flipping over on me when I tried to muscle them onto the car's roof rack or even the storage rack at my beach condo. And let's not forget the scratches this impossible feat left on my car as I attempted repeatedly to load the boat alone. I hated the fact that in order to go kayaking, I would have to solicit assistance from a neighbor, or in some cases a stranger just passing by. I'm not the typical "damsel in distress" and never wanted to appear weak or incapable. Sadly, I wasn't able to kayak as often as I wished and feared that my kayaking days were dwindling. As I talked with female and male friends who love kayaking, most expressed the same frustration. So rather than accept defeat and sell my kayaks, I set out to create a solution for the issue that I knew made it difficult for strong, independent women and men to enjoy this sport. I drew some sketches and contacted a patent attorney. This attorney happened to have a mechanical engineering background, and was an avid kayaker himself! It was a match made in heaven! He believed in my ideas and my product and the rest is history!

We are finishing our working prototype. We should have the product available for pre-order by October 2023. Please follow along, share our website and help us grow a mailing list by signing up at the bottom of the page.
We are also developing a lifestyle brand around our popular Kayak Jack logo featuring a retro or vintage Woody with a kayak on the roof rack. Shirts, solar shirts, hats, travel tumblers, flask and more gift items for kayakers and water sports enthusiasts are on sale right now. Our UPF 50+ shirts and hats further our goal to keep kayakers on the water longer, enjoying the many mental and physical health benefits of kayaking.  Proceeds on sales of the kayaking apparel help defer some of the cost of making the boat lift prototype. Support our Woman Owned Business and get some cool merchandise while you're at it!
We will offer coupon codes and swag for our first 50 customers, so stay tuned!


At Kayak Jack ®, our mission is to provide unforgettable outdoor experiences through innovative and reliable solutions for kayak storage, transportation and for enhancing the kayaker experience. We are committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality products that make it easy for kayakers to store, launch, and transport their boats, while also prioritizing safety and convenience. Our products are designed with both the seasoned kayaker and the beginner in mind, and we strive to make the experience of kayaking as accessible and enjoyable as possible for everyone. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and strive to create lifelong memories for our customers, and to inspire a deep appreciation for the natural world.

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